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Berlin High School: Extracurricular Activities  

Berlin FIRST

Advisor: Mrs. Dennis
Do you like to work with people? Are you interested in Math, Science or Computers? Are you artistic, mechanical or have lots of spirit? Maybe FIRST is for you! Berlin FIRST builds robots designed by the team, then competes at Regional and National Competitions. The FIRST Robotics Competition is an exciting, multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a life-changing, career-molding experience—and a lot of fun. In 2008, the competition will reach over 30,000 high school-aged young people on over 1,300 teams in 37 regional events. Our teams came from Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, the U.K., and almost every U.S. state. New members are always welcome, and building occurs at night or on weekends at McGee Middle School. No prior experience needed! The Berlin FIRST team was the Northeast Utilities Regional winner for 2011!


The BHS Acoustic Club 

Advisor: Mr. Rush 

The BHS Acoustic Club is a community of musicians and students who love music. This club offers a place for those who are formally trained in music as well as those who are not, to come together, have fun, and learn from each other. This club encourages learning the basics of playing instruments, having fun, practicing, setting up shows, sound quality, recording, and promotes being good members of the school and the World community. We have incredibly talented people with us who have great potential and a great opportunity to help each other.


Berlin High School Upbeat Peer Leadership ProgramAdvisor: Ms. Mitchell

The Upbeat Leadership Program is a school and community-based character development and leadership training program whose goal is to encourage the youth of Berlin to develop sound decision making skills and to provide opportunities for positive community involvement and service. Peer leaders attend biweekly meetings and, working under the direction of a Senior Peer Leader, meet in small groups called houses to plan and implement community service projects. A variety of speakers, programs, and activities are conducted at the meetings, which are held every other Monday from 5:30-6:30. New members can see Ms. Mitchell in the Upbeat Room, room 137.

Bike Club
Advisors: Mr. Arnold and Mr. Hanna
The Bike Club is a combination of physically active students and teachers that partake in weekly rides according to the ability of the group. Don’t think you are too strong or too weak! Everyone is welcome and will be able to ride with the group. Road rides are every Thursday after school. Members have a good time and get to travel to different places around Berlin (such as the New Britain Reservoir, Wadsworth Falls, Castle Craig, and others). We have also participated in the 5 Boro Bike Tour through New York City, Discover Hartford and this year we will conquer the Hub on Wheels which is Bike Boston. Mountain biking destinations have include Bicentennial Park, Castle Craig and Lamentation Mountain. See Mr. Hanna or Mr. Arnold for a parent permission slip. If you don’t have a bike, we will provide one for you. BHS Ridin’ Redcoats…Take your training wheels off!


Business/Investment Club
Advisor: Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Wicklund
The goal of the Business Club is to develop competent, aggressive business leadership while creating an interest and understanding of American business enterprise. It encourages financial literacy and strengthens the confidence of the members. Activities include bi-monthly meetings, guest speakers, and participation in the Stock Market Game.



Director: Ms. Crabb

This group sings for concerts and occasionally for outside organizations. All types of music are studied and performed. There are three major choral groups: 

Chorale: for all first year vocalists; requires enrollment in course

Concert Choir: requires enrollment in course 

Bella Voces: requires enrollment in course AND audition/director’s approval. 

*Madrigal Singers: requires enrollment in Chorus/Advanced Chorus or Band AND audition.

*Jazz Choir: requires enrollment in Chorus/Advanced Chorus or Band AND audition.

*Auditions for Madrigals and Jazz Choir are held at the end of each school year. The groups rehearse on Monday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30

Criminal Justice Club

Advisors: Officer Kostka and Mr. Bruno

The Criminal Justice Club is advised by a retired probation officer and a retired police detective! It is open to all students, especially those who are interested in police work, law school, parole/probation, or corrections. Meetings are held once per month and feature guest speakers from various areas of the criminal justice field; i.e. public defenders, prosecutors, probation officers, prison guards, and police, to name a few. There are also plans for field trips to the courthouse of police department.

Debate Team

Advisor: Mrs. Downes 

The BHS debate team will meet at 6:40 am on Thursday mornings in the Media Center. We will learn and practice the skills and techniques used in professional debates, as well as public speaking and quick thinking skills. If you like arguing - this is the place to enhance your skills!


 Drama Club

Advisor: Mr. Recore

An opportunity to participate in drama, including one act plays, skits, improvisations, etc., throughout the school year. Members can also work behind the scenes, learning about set construction and other technical aspects of productions. Meetings are held after school every Thursday, and new members are welcome anytime throughout the school year.


Fishbones Fishing Club

Advisor: ???

Open to all students, no experience necessary. This club meets in Video Amphitheater to discuss various aspects of fishing. Members also go on fishing fieldtrips in the fall and spring.


Future Teachers of America

Advisor: Mrs. Lipka 

This club includes hardworking, dedicated students who aspire to teach. Members shadow teachers to gain hands-on experience and to learn the reality of being a teacher. It is also open to students having an interest in working with children in various environments such as: YMCA, Daycare, Tutor, Teacher, Paraprofessional or Volunteer. Meetings are held in the Media Mezz.


Gay-Straight Alliance


The Gay-Straight Alliance is dedicated to promoting awareness, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in gender and sexual orientation. It is open to all students. Activities include the Day of Silence, attending conferences and other events, and sponsoring educational and social programs for Berlin High School students, faculty, and staff.


Habitat for Humanity

Advisor: TBA

Habitat for Humanity aims to eliminate poverty and homelessness both locally and globally. As a member of the Berlin High School Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, you will educate others on issues of poverty, raise funds and advocate to help those in need, and build houses in areas locally, nationally, and potentially internationally. We welcome anyone who wants to help others and strengthen communities.


 Homecoming Committee

Advisor: Ms. Romano
This committee plans, organizes and decorates for the annual Homecoming Dance held in the fall. Open to all students Grades 9 - 12.

Berlin High School Interact Club

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Hatton

Rotary Advisors: Dr. Imossi, Mrs. Pavasaris

Berlin High School Interact Club is a high school chapter of Rotary International, the world’s largest service organization. Rotary provides guidance, support and training opportunities to Interact.   The objectives of Interact are to promote leadership skills, responsible citizenship and international goodwill. The name “Interact” was created by combining the words “international” and “action.” Members participate in both local and global community projects. Projects include: Berlin Fair Recycling Project, Salvation Army Soup Kitchen and Bell Ringing, Feed My Starving Children, Relay for Life, Race in the Park, Hungerford Park Events and Polio Plus. Members have the choice of attending morning or afternoon Interact meetings.

Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 7am and 2:15pm in Room 215.


Director: Ms. Crabb

An all-school musical held in the spring.


National Honor Society

Advisors: Ms. DeLaura and Mrs. Evans


Candidates are selected in their junior and senior year by vote of the National Honor Society Faculty Council. Election is based upon the following criteria: academics, leadership, character, and service. The members of National Honor Society will be involved in community service activities around the Berlin community, including serving as tutors. If a student is having any kind of academic difficulty, a NHS member will meet with him/her at a time arranged by both tutor and tutee. Students in need to tutoring should contact their guidance counselor to set up the tutoring.



Advisor: Mr. Brzezinski


This club is student-led, and new student leadership is needed! Anyone who wants to get the ball rolling is welcome to see Mr. Brzezinski. Students come to hang out and discuss relevant topics and what the Bible has to say about these issues. Questions and topics about faith and religion are investigated, too. Free food is provided; everyone is welcome. One event Oasis has sponsored is "See You at the Pole" day in September, where students and teachers gather around the flagpole to pray for their school, nation, etc...


 Ophelia Club

Advisor: Mrs. Daniels 

Ophelia Club is a small service club that recycles paper, cans, and bottles for BHS. Members also run two blood drives, a toy drive, a food drive, the School Turkey Drive, and the School Sweetheart Drive (all money collected goes to the Berlin Animal Shelter.) New members are always welcome, and meetings are held in room 107.


 Peer Mediation

Advisor: Mr. Bruno 

The purpose of the peer mediation program is to engage the student body in problem-solving and show that adult intervention is not always necessary. The program is CONFIDENTIAL, developed to help deal with conflicts between students in a controlled, productive manner, hopefully solving the problem before it becomes serious and requires serious consequences. Peer mediators receive intense training in communication problem-solving, conflict resolution, and management skills.


Advisor: Ms. Dumas

All students are welcome to submit original writings, art, or photography to be included in the publication.


 Photography Club
Advisor: Mr. Wicander


The Photography Club at BHS is a group interested in learning about topics in photography by doing. Teams of students can investigate an appropriate topic of their choice. These topics can range from taking photos for the Yearbook Committee and the Literary Magazine to building Pinhole Cameras. Students will be asked to supply their own materials and cameras.


 Redcoat Review

Advisor:  TBA

The school newspaper is published to keep students informed through school news, editorials, and commentaries on art, music, and all forms of information. New members are always welcome. Meetings are held in the computer lab, room 247, weekly after school.

Senior Class Play

Advisor: Mr. Recore 

An annual senior production. Tryouts are open to all seniors.


 Service League

Advisor: TBA 

Members of the Service League are very involved in the school and community. They complete community service projects, sponsor a Christmas party at the Senior Center, and host a Bowl-a-Thon with mentally challenged citizens, among other activities. Students also do fundraising activities such as flower sales and Valentine’s candy kisses. Dues are $2 per year, and anyone can join.


 Ski Racing Club

Advisor: Mr. Hanbury 

A club for those interested in Alpine Ski Racing and the Ski Industry in general. Members may compete in the Connecticut Interscholastic Ski League for Berlin High School, as a member of our club sport team. Experience is not necessary, just a willingness to compete. Races are held approximately once a week in January and February at Mount Southington Ski Area. Training will be provided as time and snow conditions permit.


 Student Government

Advisors: Mrs. Cleary and Mrs. Mayette 

Completion of a petition is required for membership, and attendance is required to remain in good standing. A high standard of ethical behavior is expected of class and Student Government Officers. Members are active with the Homecoming committee in addition to representation on school-wide committees, community service, funding several programs, and class representation of pertinent issues, among other responsibilities. Student Government meets most Y periods.


 Unified Sports

Coach: Mrs. Siegal

Unified Sports members are always looking for partners to work with special education athletes. Open to all students throughout the school year. Practices are on Mondays and Thursdays from 2:45-4:00 in the B-gym.


 WERB Radio Club

Advisor: Mr. Wolfe 

WERB is for students interested in being a DJ, radio host, public speaker, news journalist, sports announcer, or music promoter. Our radio club members learn how to operate broadcast equipment, communicate to a LIVE radio audience, develop a weekly radio show, and follow the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Students are allowed to broadcast during free periods and after school. We are found on 94.5 MHz on the FM radio dial.



Advisors: Mrs. Kuethman, Mr. Wicander 

The purpose of the yearbook is to compile and publish material that serves as a record of the activities of students at BHS as a tribute to the senior class. Meetings are held after school.


 Support Your Class!

Class of 2015:

Advisors: Ms. Romano and Mrs. Thurston  

Class of 2016

Advisors: Mrs. Richards 

Class of 2017

Advisors: Mr. Thurston and Mr Cwirka

Class of 2018: TBA  



Sport              Coach

Football (M)      Mr. Capodice

Swimming (W)      Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Zagorski

Volleyball (W)      Mr. Tarigo

Cross Country (M&W)    Mr. Soucy

Soccer (M)      Mr. Parafati

Soccer (W)      Mr. Yanosy

Cheerleading      Ms. Muzio

Unified Sports  (M&W)  Mrs. Siegal



Basketball (M)      Mr. Veneziano

Basketball (W)      Mrs. King

Swimming (M)      Mrs. Thurston & Mr. Thurston

Indoor Track (M&W)    Mr. Rosek      

Wrestling (M)      Mr. Day

Cheerleading      Ms. Muzio

Ice Hockey (M)      Mr. Harackiewicz

Alpine Ski Racing (M&W) Mr. Hanbury

Unified Sports  (M&W)  Mrs. Siegal




Outdoor Track (M)    Mr. Hanbury

Outdoor Track (W)    Mr. Soucy

Softball (W)      Mr. Pires

Baseball (M)      Mr. Veleas

Golf (M)      Mr. Line

Golf (W)      Mr. Barnes

Tennis (M)      Mr. Smith

Tennis (W)      Mrs. Cleary

Lacrosse (M)      Mr. Rossi

Lacrosse (W)      TBA

Unified Sports (M&W)    Mrs. Siegal


Note: If you know of any club that would like a web page, contact the webmaster.  Also if you know of any clubs that are not listed e-mail the webmaster with the name of the club and the advisor.

Berlin Helping Berlin

BHB is a group dedicated to assisting Berlin Students and Families in Need.  It might be a field trip scholarship or even a shopping gift card around the holidays.  BHS is there to lend a helping hand to those in our own community.

Unity Team

Unity Team is a group dedicated to fighting bullying and profiling.

US First Robotics Team

Robotics Team is a cooperative effort between McGee, BHS and NU.  The team  competes regionally and nationally in the Annual US First Robotics Competition.
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