Final Exam Information

2013 Final Examination Information



Exam Times



June 14


June 17


June 18


June 19


June 20


Period 8

Period 6

Period 4

Period 2









Period 7

Period 5

Period 3

Period 1



1.            Students are obligated to report to school only if they have exams.  They may leave immediately following their last test on all four exam days.  Those who do not wish to report to study in media or cafeteria must leave the building.  No one is allowed to roam around or wait in the building during exam times.


2.            Attendance is required at exams and students are to remain for the entire period.  Each test period is 120 minutes in duration. Teachers may provide 30 minutes of study time.


3.            All students and classes will have formal exams (Related activities are possible but they must be approved in writing in advance by the principal).  Physical education classes do not meet.


4.            Busing:  Use regular buses at regular times for arrival at school.  There will be four buses at 9:45 a.m. for the return trip home.   Four buses will return to Berlin High School at 12:00 p.m. to pick up remaining students.  Bus routes are posted outside the Main Office and Guidance Office.  There will no buses on Thursday, June 20 for make-up exams.  If your student needs transportation, please call BHS at 860-828-6577. 


5.            Absences must be called in by parents on the day of the absence.  To receive make-up privileges, students are to bring in a parental note directly to Ms. Parlato or Mrs. Gagnon on the day following the absence.  Mrs. Pitkin will provide a list of students eligible to make up exams.


6.            Students will take their exams in their regularly scheduled classroom.   If there are any other requests for site changes please contact Ms. Parlato.