Online Parent Portal Instructions

Account Creation Instructions:
1.  Go to the secure district website at
2. Enter a username (i.e.: JSmith) and temporary password (123).
3.  Then Click "click here to create your account"
4.  Enter your First Name and Last Name.  These names must match, exactly, the names we have on file for your child(ren).  Create a Parent Login Name (this must be the username used in the prior screen).  Enter your oldest child's MMS ID Number.  When Finished, click "Create Account."
5.  If we have your email address on file, and your information maches our records, you will see this message . . .  "An email has been sent to ...  with  your username and password."
6.  If your information does not match, or we do not have a valid email address on file for your family, you will see the following message:
"Sorry, either you name does not match our records for your student, your account does not have online access, or you do not have an email address setup with the School.  Please contact the School Administrator."
at this point you will need to provide an email address or verify that your contact information is correct. Please contact the main office (860-828-6577).
7.  Once your account has been created, check your email account for a message from Please note "Yahoo" and "AOL" accounts please also check your "Spam" folder.
8.  This email will contain your Username (that you created) and a temporary numeric password. 

9.  Return to the Parent Portal; Login with your Username and temporary numeric password -(as indicated in your confirmation email). Before proceeding, you will be required to change your password only.
10.  You can now access your child's attendance, grading, scheduling, and other records by clicking on your child's name.  
11. To add your additional children, once logged in click on "My Account" then "Add Additional Student". Simply add the MMS ID for the second child. If the contact information does not match, it will not add this child. Please call the main office to verify contact information. Once the information has been updated, you can then try adding your child's MMS ID

Below is the Letter Sent Home to all Students about the New System.

November 5, 2010
Dear Parents/Guardians:
The intent of this letter is to inform you of a new and exciting communication tool that is now available to all parents and students grades 6-12. The MMS Parent Portal is designed for increased communication and greater access to student attendance records and grades. The Parent Portal will allow you and your child to view grades and class attendance information at any time through the MMS Gradebook web address. This confidential, web-based system has been successfully implemented in many other Connecticut school districts resulting in improved communication among students, parents, and teachers.
Within the attached tri-fold, you will find a set of simple login steps to create your parent portal account. Please know we must have your e-mail on file in our MMS system for you to successfully create an account. If you have not submitted an email address, please contact your school with this information prior to creating an account. For obvious reasons, it is important to protect this confidential information, so we urge you not to share it outside of your family. For security reasons, if you should misplace the username or password, School staff will not be able to tell you the information over the phone. We will mail the information to the home address listed in our MMS records.
Opening the portal to view student grades is new to students, parents, and teachers. We ask for your patience and understanding with this system as we work to refine any issues that may occur. The following guidelines should help you in your efforts to use the portal system effectively.  
  • The primary purpose of the portal is to provide you and your child with timely and accurate information in order to open up a dialog between parent and child. Please engage in a discussion with your child first and resist the temptation to contact the teacher about the details or grades for every assignment. Obviously, I would expect you to contact the teacher when there are performance trends that cause you concern. This would not change with or without the portal. 
  • While parents are one important audience for this system, we believe that students share responsibility for their own success. Middle & high school students are expected to take even more responsibility for their work and progress. With each progressive year more should fall to the student. Even with this portal, students are encouraged to keep track of all graded assignments that are handed back. When questions arise, students are encouraged to make the initial contact with their teachers before parents get involved.
  • Please respect the flexibility and autonomy that exists for teachers in grading assignments. Over the years, the faculty has made great progress in implementing a common curriculum with common assessments and aligning of grading practices. Working within departmental and school guidelines, teachers still have a fair degree of autonomy with respect to grading values in their courses. Please refer to the grading parameters that each teacher distributed to students in the first week of school and at Open House. 
  • Keep in mind that grades will fluctuate throughout a marking period. The grade that you might be viewing at any time is a “snapshot” of the student’s progress to date. Missing assignments have a very negative impact on overall averages and should be made up by the student as soon as possible. Grades are the result of performance over time. Averages early in a quarter may not tell the whole story and one grade is not likely to make or break a student’s average for that quarter.  
  • We have asked teachers to update their gradebooks at least once every two to three weeks. Obviously, larger assignments and projects will often require a longer period of time to grade than a short quiz or homework assignment. It should also be noted that participation grades are frequently recorded only at the end of the marking period and may, therefore affect averages at that time. 
  • We are considering the grades that you view through the portal as a “rolling” progress report. Please note that the official grade for any marking period is still the report card grade. Students will be issued a report card in school or in the U.S. mail shortly after a marking period ends.
  • Because this new system provides continual access to current student grades, we will no longer issue formal interim reports at the mid-point of each marking period unless specifically requested by you. However, we will prompt you by e-mail during the middle of the term to encourage you to log on to the system if you have not done so recently. Those wishing to receive a hard copy of an interim report may have one sent upon request.
We are very excited to be able to offer this new service to students and parents. The portal will open as a pilot phase for the second marking period beginning on November 9, 2010. Our goal during this time is to work through any and all concerns. For this to be successful, we encourage you to share your feedback with us as we work together to increase home school communication.
Sincerely yours,
Brian Benigni

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