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Griswold School's 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year

Rosemary Goodwin





Gjerpen Laurie A. Principal Call: 860 828-6336  email_icon.gif
Strickland Christian J. Assistant Principal Call: 860 828-6336 ext.7164  email_icon.gif

Teaching Staff

  Call: 860 828-6336 then ext.
Anderson Sharon Physical Therapist 1294  email_icon.gif
Argazzi Cynthia Grade 2
1158 email_icon.gif
Arsenault Nicole Grade 2 1163 email_icon.gif
Artemisia Nicole Art 1234 email_icon.gif
Basile Jennifer Grade 1 1232 email_icon.gif
Birrell Jennifer School Psychologist 1169  email_icon.gif
Boutot Nicole Grade 4
1196  email_icon.gif
Bowman Rebecca Special Education 1168  email_icon.gif
Brostek Lauren Special Education 1192  email_icon.gif
Cavaliere Nancy Physical Education 1738  email_icon.gif
Cloukey Claire Guidance 1837 email_icon.gif
Curcio Patricia Grade 4 1194  email_icon.gif
DeMaio Danielle Grade 1 1231 email_icon.gif
Dlugokinski Jamie Kindergarten 1152 email_icon.gif
Fagan Sandra Grade 2 1199  email_icon.gif
Goodwin Rosemary Speech Pathologist 1166  email_icon.gif
Goguen Alissa Literacy Specialist 1181 email_icon.gif
Hastings Helen Grade 1 1292  email_icon.gif
Hines Liz Special Education 1197 email_icon.gif
Hurst Theresa Grade 5 1135  email_icon.gif
Jutras Kristine Reading Resource 1162  email_icon.gif
Kulak Amy Grade 1 1233  email_icon.gif
Kulpa Laura Computer Teacher 1734  email_icon.gif
Lewis Annie Special Education 1197  email_icon.gif
Ligas Jaime Kindergarten 1153  email_icon.gif
Logan Donna Kindergarten 1151  email_icon.gif
Lorch Meghan Grade 1 1293 email_icon.gif
Marquis Rosina Grade 3 1820  email_icon.gif
Marshall Lindsey Math Resource 1161  email_icon.gif
McCourt Kara Grade 4 1195  email_icon.gif
Michetti Lisa Grade 5 1131  email_icon.gif
Miller Jason Kindergarten 1191  email_icon.gif
Mordarski Marilyn Reading Consultant  1230  email_icon.gif
O'Brien Annamaria Grade 5 1133 email_icon.gif
Primo Dawn Grade 3
1139  email_icon.gif
Reilly-Fazzina Christina Music 1140  email_icon.gif
Riley-Friedman Paula Occupational Therapist 1295  email_icon.gif
Salina Danielle Library/Media Specialist 1731  email_icon.gif
Scioscio Rhiannon Grade 2 1160  email_icon.gif
Seekamp Graham Grade 5 1132  email_icon.gif
Shaskus Katharine Grade 4 1291  email_icon.gif
Smith Keriann Grade 3 1138  email_icon.gif
Soucy Steven Physical Education 1810  email_icon.gif
Spinella Elizabeth Grade 5 1134  email_icon.gif
Steuerwald Sarah Grade 3
1136  email_icon.gif
Stratigos Danielle Grade 3
1821 email_icon.gif
Tattersall Lindsay Grade 2 1198  email_icon.gif
Wiersema Judith Grade 4 1193  email_icon.gif
Wilson Alison Instrumental Music 1739  email_icon.gif

Office Staff

   Call: 860 828-6336 then ext.  
Michalek Angela Duty/Office Paraprofessional 7161 email_icon.gif
Rogers Linda School Secretary 7160  email_icon.gif
McCormack Judy School Nurse 1165  email_icon.gif
Vasil Rosemary Health Aide 1159  email_icon.gif

Support Staff

         Call: 860 828-6336  


ELL Tutor    email_icon.gif


Instructional Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Church Judy Instructional Paraprofessional   email_icon.gif
Hartunian June Instructional Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Imundo Maryann Recess/Duty Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Joslyn Kimberly Instructional Paraprofessional   email_icon.gif
Kipphut Anna Instructional Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Konowski Jodie Instructional Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Larsen Sarah Building Substitute
Peterson Shelly Recess/Duty Paraprofessional
Sanzo Robin Instructional Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Schmidt Dawn Instructional Paraprofessional   email_icon.gif
Trigilio Linda Recess/Duty Paraprofessional   email_icon.gif
Troutman Dale Instructional Paraprofessional    email_icon.gif
Kielbania Ann Building Intern   email_icon.gif

Cafeteria Staff

  Call: 860 828-6336 ext. 1737  
Costa Maria Food Service Worker    
Giove Linda Food Service Worker    
Morrocco Rosalba Food Service Worker    
Trigila Tina Cook Manager   email_icon.gif

Custodial Staff

  Call: 860 828-6336 ext. 1805  
Bacon Bob Custodian    
Borriello Bill Head Custodian    email_icon.gif
Iciak Arek Custodian    
Przybysz Claude Custodian