Services for Staff

Smarter Balance (SBAC) Portal For Teacher Administrators (TA's)

NWEA Proctor Website

E-mail announcements to Mr. Cormack preferably the day before, but no later than 6 A.M. on the day that you would like it to appear

Atlas Rubicon for Staff

Attendance and Grade Book (Power School)


Audio Visual Equipment
To borrow equipment to use in classrooms or other McGee areas, contact the AV Co-Coordinators:



Cloud Storage for Computer Files
All teachers and students have school Google Drive accounts  Teachers log on with their email-account usernames and passwords.  Google Drive is accessible via the Internet from any computer.  Personal Google Drive accounts are also accessible at school.

Computer Use

Period H Independent Student Use of the Computer Lab - Students individually sign up during Morning Meeting in the Computer Lab.  At other times this sign up sheet is in the LMC.

Period H Independent Student Use of the Computers in the LMC - Students individually sign up in the LMC anytime before the end of the period prior to H.

On-line Reservations for Faculty and Staff reserves computers for group or class use.  To access this booking system use your e-mail user name and password.  View a six minute video on using shotcuts to reserve rooms and services through the MRBS.

If you have not reserved computers in the LMC or computer lab for your students or group but find a need for computers during your classes or event, please call Ms. Averill at ext. 258 or Mr. Smith at ext. 218, to make sure that computers, assistance, and supervision are available for your students or event participants before instructing them to go to the computer lab or LMC.



Google Domain for Faculty & Staff of Berlin Public Schools
(The user name is Berlin schools email address and password is the email password.)

Help Desk

IEP Direct for Special Educators 

Meeting Room Booking System

To access this booking system use your e-mail user name and password.  View a six minute video on using shotcuts to reserve rooms and services via the MRBS.

Moodle McGee

NWEA Proctor Website


On-line Resources with user names and passwords
(You will need a password to see this list.  It is in "Staff Guide to the Library" in the LMC Orientation folder in Zimbra.  It was e-mailed to you.  It is also available at the library-media center--call, email, or ask.)

Power Schools - Teachers

ProTrax : Professional Development Management System (includes the Teachers' Academy)

Reserving Rooms, Computers, and Assistance
To Reserve the Auditorium, use the Meeting Room Booking System at or talk with Mrs. Tom at ext. 503.

To reserve the Library-Media Center for a class or event or to use library-media center equipment within the LMC, talk with Ms. Averill ext. 258 or use the McGee Middle School Meeting Room Booking system.  If a substitute teacher, someone who is not a regular member of the McGee staff, or if you have not used the new equipment in the LMC, please reserve the assistance of the library staff during the meeting/set up or make an appointment for prior training for the person who will be using the space and equipment.  In addition, if you may need instructional assistance, be sure to request it when making your reservation. To collaboratively plan instruction, make an appointment with Ms. Averill at least one week in advance of the instruction


YouTube Education and YouTube

provides access to YouTube channels that YouTube has designated as educational.  If you wish to access all YouTube videos, ask Dave Evon at to register you for this service.  Provide him with your school Google Drive account.  It is the same name and password as for your school email.  If you wish to have access to your YouTube channel at school.  Make the channel at home--be sure to give it a name that does not include any spaces--send the channel name to Dave Evon so that he can arrange for your access at school.

PBS LearningMedia (
provides access to PBS videos for educational use.

DVD's and VHS in the McGee Library-Media Center Collection are listed in the McGee online catalog and available for use by teachers and staff for instruction.

Berlin-Peck videos are listed in its online catalog.

If you have not found what you need, please check the Service Directory for more links.

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