Movement of Molecules
(See how temperature affects the movement of molecules)
(Determine the effect of temperature on the motion of particles.)
(Explains temperature as the speed of molecules.)
(Look at the chapter headings to explore states of matter and temperature.)
(Video clip: Properties of a gas. How are gasses different than solids or liquids?)
(Motion of molecules at low and high temperatures.)

Introduction to Weather
        many links based on topics
        tracking fronts over time to introduce weather
        A meteorologist hosts a site that explores all aspects of weather factors in an easy to read format. See the the left sidebar for specific topics.
        A quacking duck will walk you through vocabulary, introduce you to the effects of weather and storms.

Differences between Climate and Weather
        A more complicated reading about the overview of earth’s climate, including general distinctions between weather and climate.

Reasons for the Seasons
        animation of the earth’s movement, visual explanation of the seasons.
        animation explaining how the angle of the sun’s rays affects seasons.
        Reasons for the seasons with good illustrations
        Reasons for the seasons with good illustrations
        sideways view of diagram of earth and sun-- similar to the image in our textbook

Solstices and Equinoxes
        An article about the solstice and equinox. Warning: comments on this MSNBC site cannot be monitored.

Air Pressure 
Air pressure video 

An interactive quiz on air pressure. Get instant feedback!
An interactive quiz on air pressure. Get instant feedback!,airpressure.html
Temperature, air pressure and wind quiz.
Review air pressure concepts and questions with flashcards.  


Labs and Activities
        includes objectives and activities related to science content and skills


Weather Logs

Berlin Public Schools Home Weather Center Statistics

BPS Weather Log from Tweed New Haven Airport

BPS Weather Log for Brainard Airport Hartford CT

BPS Weather Log for Oxford Airport Oxford CT

Current Weather Conditions from Meriden Markham Municipal Airport by NOAA


Weather Satellite Images

GEOS Weather Satellite Images from NOAA


Kensington Area Weather Forecast from NOAA


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