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General Regulations for Student Transportation

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Transportation will be provided to and from school on established bus routes...

for all students (except those within the walking area of each school). Bus routes are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Board of Education. If stops are not being utilized on a regular basis, they may be eliminated.

Parents and/or guardians assume responsibility for ensuring the safety of their children...

up until the point when students board the school bus or other school provided transportation, and after students get off the bus after school. This responsibility includes the selection of walking routes to/from any bus stop and the provision of
supervision that is appropriate to the student’s age, maturity, and conditions at the bus stop at all times. Given that bus pick up times may vary, the Board expects that parents and/or guardians will ensure that their children arrive at the bus stop in advance of any scheduled pick up time.

Bus stops will be established at convenient, safe places along the roadways.

The Board of Education and the bus company establish the stops. Bus drivers are not allowed to make changes to the bus routes or stop locations. Students who live within walking distance of their respective schools are expected to walk to school. Maximum walking distances to school/bus stops are as follows: kindergarten-grade 3, 1 mile; grades 4-8, 1.5 miles; grades 9-12, 2 miles.

Students are required to take their regular bus to and from school at all times.

Bus routes are established by location and numbers of riders; therefore, exceptions will not be made without prior approval of the Board of Education. Students are not permitted to take another bus for play dates, after school activities, or employment.

Any request for a change in the normal bus route or walking area must be made in writing...

to the transportation office at the Board of Education at least two weeks in advance of any possible change being approved or taking place. Such changes must be permanent in nature.

Emergency changes may be requested by phone and followed up in writing.

Any emergency will require verification and will only be considered if requested for less than one week. These changes must be made through the Board of Education.

Split stops are not allowed.

A.M. stops must be to one location and P.M. stops must be to one location. The morning and afternoon locations may differ as long as the locations are within the daily routes of the student’s school district.

All changes requested for child care will be accepted if they fall within the daily routes of the student’s school district.

The pickup or transportation of students outside any elementary school transportation route will not be permitted. The change must be for five (5) days at that location. Split stops will not be considered (e.g., three days to child care and two days home).

If the student receives van transportation and transportation will not be needed...

to/from school on any given day, New Britain Transportation must be notified at 860-828-0511 by 6:30 a.m.

When there is a change of residence within the town...

parents/guardians must notify the Board of Education of the new address immediately and provide proof of residency.

All complaints concerning school transportation safety...

shall be made in writing to the superintendent of schools or his designee. The superintendent or designee shall maintain a written record of all such complaints and shall conduct appropriate investigations of the allegations in a timely manner.

Complaints regarding inappropriate student behavior...

while riding the school bus are to be reported to the school principal or to the director of business operations.

Concerns regarding a child’s transportation by the parent/guardian...

are discussed at the level of the transportation office. Failure to reach an amicable arrangement at that level may then be discussed directly with the director of business operations. If differences still exist, the director of business operations shall give the parent(s)/guardians(s) complete notification of their rights of appeal. The appeal process is handled in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-186.

Courtesy Stop Request

If your child lives in an elementary school walker area and you would like to use a courtesy bus stop, please print and submit the Courtesy Stop Request Form Final 4-2014 form.

Transportation Change Request

If you need to request a change in transportation, please print and submit a Transportation Change Request Form Final 4-2014 form. If the transportation change is due to a change of address, you will need to submit a CHANGE OF ADDRESS packet - CURRENT RESIDENTS (3)hange of address packet prior to any change being made.  Per Board policy, please allow two weeks for any transportation change to be made.


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Bus Routes


Transportation Change Request Form

Change of Address Packet

Courtesy Stop Request Form


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