Dear Students and Parents,

The Berlin High School Statement of Core Values reveals our collective commitment to cultivate “21st century skills toward success in a global society by engaging students in rigorous academic, social, and civic responsibilities,” so that they will continue to “develop into independent, self-directed, life-long learners who take responsibility for their academic outcomes, while demonstrating a positive work ethic.” Therefore, at BHS, we are focused on helping you become successful, productive, and vital citizens, who contribute to our society in significant and remarkable ways. The quality of the instruction that you shall receive, the rigor of the curricula, and the broad selection of coursework will prepare you well for the complex and competitive world that awaits you beyond graduation. As you peruse the Berlin High School Program of Studies, you will find a range of choices that will help you establish your personal plan of study, which can either be of your own design or derived from the included sample course sequences. You will see that the quality and breadth of options for study at BHS will afford you access to premium learning experiences. Whether you are certain about your college or career path or you remain undecided at this time, this program of studies can meet your needs. At BHS, you will not only be able to pursue your interests, but also expand your capacities. Consequently, you will increase your cognizance of a variety of disciplines through the elective areas, ensuring that you benefit from a comprehensive education.

This is an exciting time to be a high school student because there are so many new technologies, new teaching techniques, and new understandings about learning, resulting in an educational climate that is more student driven then ever before in the history of American public education. In our school, we value student interdependence and independence, which means that student responsibility is paramount. Rest assured, however, that we do not increase student autonomy without the support that each student needs to learn. Even though BHS prides itself in remaining on the cutting edge of pedagogy and resources, we retain some tried and true traditions in our school program as manifested in high academic standards, rigor of course expectations, and the challenges put forth by teachers to students to constantly excel. At BHS, student performance is held to the most contemporary standards, while we retain the important, time-proven belief that there is no substitute for good old-fashioned hard work. In a time when entertainment media constantly bombards us with the erroneous suggestion that success is easily acquired though luck or entitlement, our teachers, staff, and parents remain steadfast in instilling a pride-driven work ethic to achieve excellence. Within one to four years, you will earn your place amongst the esteemed ranks of well-prepared lifelong learners who have graduated from Berlin High. Therefore, upon completion of your program of studies, you will be able to live your life beyond high school with the confidence that you have acquired an impressive collection of 21st century skills to equip you for the challenges and changes that college, careers, and all of your other endeavors may present. I hope that you examine this program of studies with keen interest and excitement because it can serve as a map as you strive to realize your dreams. On behalf of the faculty and administration, I wish you every continued success!


Mrs. Ventura

 BHS Principal


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