Final Exam Information
Posted 06/06/2017 11:25AM

 The 2017 Final Exam Schedule


 Exam Times 


June 12 


June 13 


June 14 


June 15 


June 16 

7:25- 9:20 

Period 8 

Period 6 

Period 4 

Period 2 


9:20- 9:35 







Period 7 

Period 5 

Period 3 

Period 1 


Exam Bus Schedule


1. Students are obligated to report to school only if they have an exam. Students may leave immediately following their last exam on all exam days. Those students who do not wish to report to study in the Library Media Center or Cafeteria must leave the building. Once students leave the building, they are not allowed to return on that day. No one is allowed to roam around or wait in the building during exam times. 


2. Students who arrive late to school will not be allowed into the exam room. Students will need to wait in the lobby and will be escorted to the Library Media Center or Cafeteria for the duration of the test period. 


3. Attendance is required at exams and students are to remain for the entire period. Each examination period is 115 minutes in duration. Students cannot leave the classroom until the end of the exam period. A parent dismissal call or note is not allowed during exams. 


4. All students and classes will have formal exams (related activities are possible, but they must be approved in writing, in advance, by the principal, prior to June 5). Physical education classes do not meet for exams. 


5. Busing: Use regular buses at regular times for arrival at school. There will be four buses at 9:30 a.m. for the return trip home. Four buses will return to Berlin High School at 11:30 a.m. to pick up remaining students. Bus routes are posted outside the Main Office and the Red Zone Bulletin Boards as well as on our website. 


6. Absences must be called in by parents on the day of the absence. In addition, to receive make-up privileges, students must submit a parental note directly to Mrs. Maio or Mrs. Ventura on the day following the absence. Mrs. Stocking will provide teachers a list of students eligible to make up exams. 


7. Students will typically take their exams in their regularly scheduled classroom. 

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