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School Statistics

School Statistics

Established: 1935
Grades: 9-12
School Enrollment: 918
Average Class Size: 21
Total Teacher FTE: 71.7
Average Teacher Years of Experience: 13.8
Teachers With Masters Degree: 90.6
Mascot: Redcoats
Strategic School Profile from the CT State Dept. of Ed.

Safe School Climate Plan 

Course Levels

Course Levels:

Courses at Berlin High School are offered at four levels: College Preparatory, Advanced, Honors, and AP/UCONN Early College Experience.  

Additionally, co-taught courses are offered where regular and special educators partner in the presentation of the curriculum.  

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

Starting with the Class of 2015, students will need 27 credits in order to graduate, which will require 4 credits in English, 4 credits in Mathematics, 4 credits in Science, 3.5 credits in Social Studies, and 9.5 elective credits

Additionally:  Seniors must also successfully complete a year long Capstone Project.

AP/UConn ECE Courses Offered


AP/UCONN Biology
AP/UCONN Calculus I/II 
AP/UCONN Chemistry 
AP/UCONN English Literature 
AP/UCONN Physics 
AP Language and Composition 
AP Music Theory 
AP Psychology 
AP Studio Art 
AP U.S. History 
AP World History 
UCONN Drawing 
UCONN Discrete Math 
UCONN Intro to Individual/Family Development 
UCONN Spanish V 
UCONN Statistics

AP Honor Roll

2016 AP Honor Roll:

For three years, Berlin High School was been named to the AP Honor Roll, which recognizes schools who increase their AP course offerings or improve AP Test Participation.

Post Secondary Plans of Recent Graduates

Post High School Plans: Class of 2013 

Total College (2 & 4 Yr.) 91.3% 
4 Year College 74.4%
2 Year College 16.9% 
Other Schools 2.0% 
Employment 1.2% 
Military 1.2% 
Unknown 6.3%

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