Health Services

Phone: 860.828.6577  - Option # 7  from outside BHS  OR 
Ext. 1050-1051 from anywhere inside BHS
Healthroom FAX:  860.828.8562

The nurse is available to students or parents to discuss medical / emotional needs of our students by phone or email during the school day.

Health Forms:  

CT State Physical Assessment

PRN Form for Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen


There are two nurses on staff at the high school daily. 
The office is open during school hours.

Students must report to their classroom teacher for a pass before coming to the health room except in extreme emergencies


Students who need to be excused from physical education for more than one day must have a written excuse from a parent.   Written documentation from a doctor is required for a medical excuse lasting more than one week.

All medical notes should be given to the school nurse and the information will be forwarded to the staff as needed.


Students who need to use the elevator due to injury or surgery need to report to the nurse upon arriving at school.  A doctor’s note stating any special modifications needed should accompany the child.  A limited number of wheelchairs and crutches are available for use during the school day.  The nurse will notify guidance and teachers of any modifications needed for the school day.


All medications must be brought to the school nurse.  No student should carry medications during school or school activities unless it is approved by the school nurse.  A medical authorization form signed by the doctor must be on file with the nurse.


The Nurses’ Office will now be able to dispense acetaminophen and ibuprofen to students without a Physician’s note on file.  Single doses of either medication, may be dispensed by the school  nurse during the school day, with only the signature of a parent required.  The PRN form listed below must be returned to the nurse before either of these medications may be dispensed,and then only for the stated medical conditions on the form.       Click Here for the PRN Form


As per state mandate, all 10th grade students are required to have a physical examination (blue state form) and evidence of adequate immunizations.  A physical form, dated between the first day of 9th grade and the last day of the 10th grade will be accepted.  Students who have not completed this requirement by the first day of 11th grade will not be permitted to attend school and will be sent home until the completed form is returned to the school nurse.

A completed Blue, CT State Health Assessment form is required each year for students participating in interscholastic athletics.  Each physical is valid for the 13 months following the date of the physical.  All completed physicals should be submitted directly to the school nurse - NOT the coach OR Athletic Director.


Health Room Staff

Health Room Ext. 1050

Leah Carbonell, R.N.
Ext. 1051 


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