Grade 3

Welcome to Grade 3!  As students begin to explore reading in depth, they look for meaning across texts and begin asking themselves questions to help them gain a better understanding.  Reading becomes more personal and independent.  They study nonfiction, fictional narrative, mysteries, and biographies.  The volume of their writing begins to increase as they focus on many different genres in Writing Workshop. Students continue to learn the conventions of writing and consistently applying them to daily writing.  They use problem solving as they explore multiplication, fractions, place value, measurement, and data in Math.  In Science, they learn about properties of matter, plant and animal adaptations, recycling, and rocks and minerals.  In Social Studies, students learn map skills, continents, and oceans.  It is a year of learning and fun!


Language Arts Links

Typing Club - Keyboarding Practice (password required)

R-A-Z Kids - Reading A-Z Literacy (password required) For use in school and at home. (For directions to RAZ Kids, please click here.)

Epic! Reading - For use in school only (password required.) Fiction and Non-fiction books online

FreedomFlix - Interactive Informational Books (focus on History and Geography)

TrueFlix - Interactive Informational Books (focus on Science and Social Studies)

Google Classroom - Link to your Berlin Google Account (password required)

Free Rice - practice fact fluency and vocabulary, and feed the hungry of the world as you work

ABCYa - Typing game for advanced typists 

Spelling City: Matkowski - Spelling words for Mrs. Matkowski's room

Spelling City: Frascadore - Spelling words for Ms. Frascadore's room

Math Links

Interactive Math Websites and Apps for Kids - document listing and describing various interactive math resources.

Xtra Math - fact fluency practice (password required)

IXL Math - practice different skills with feedback for students and teachers

Prodigy Game - A role-playing adventure that uses math to power your spells

Turtle Academy - LOGO emulator for practice at home

Free Rice - practice fact fluency and vocabulary, and feed the hungry of the world as you work


Resource Links

Digital Passport - Digital Citizenship games (login required)

Band Sign-Up - Please use this link to sign up for Instrumental Band

Be Internet Awesome - learn about and practice internet safety

BrainPop - entertaining and educational videos and quizzes

Library Home Page  - teacher / student links listed

Library Catalog (Destiny) - online access to Willard School catalog

Vocaroo: Recording Audio and adding it to your presentations

Google Translate: Translate audio and text from one language to another

Celestial White Noise: Play to calm your mind and improve focus

Simply Noise: White (and Pink and Brown) noise to block distractions 

Animal Adaptations  - Supplement for Science Class

Coding for Frascadore - Programming Instruction Course for King - Programming Instruction Course for Matkowski - Programming Instruction Course for Mastrogiannis- Programming Instruction Course Grade 3 Advanced - Programming Instruction Course

Hour of Code: Athletes

Hour of Code: Create a Sport

Hour of Code: Minecraft (3 different missions)

Hour of Code: CodeCombat

Hour of Code: Moana

Hour of Code: Scratch - Make it Fly (with the Powerpuff Girls)

Hour of Code: Star Wars

Hour of Code: Flappy Bird

Hour of Code: Wonder Woman (Hard)

Hour of Code: A Whole Bunch of Other Games

Tynker - A great site/app for coding and coding games


Have you filled a bucket?

Cassandra Frascadore
Nicole King
George Mastrogiannis
Suzanne Matkowski



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