Physical Education

The goal of the Berlin Public Schools Elementary Physical Education Program is to enhance communication skills and provide students with an understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It is paramount that students learn a variety of important life skills, which include movement skills, knowledge, and behavior/social skills over the course of each school year.  Some of these include: locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills, team-building, social interaction skills, and cognitive concepts linked to fitness, wellness, skill development, and social skills appropriate to each grade/developmental level.  We want all students to be competent in a variety of fundamental motor skills, because these skills enhance everyday living.  


Physical Education Links & Documents

CT Physical Fitness Assessment Standards

CT State P.E. Site

`P.E. Team

Nancy DeBlasio
Physical Education Teacher

 Nancy Cavaliere
Physical Education Teacher 

 Miss DeBlasio's PE Webpage


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