Berlin Bravos for Johnny Perzanowski and Emma Toce
Posted 03/16/2017 05:08PM

Berlin Bravos were awarded at the Board of Education meeting to Johnny Perzanowski and Emma Toca for their excellent work and growth as students.

Johnny Perzanowski

Johnny is a hardworking, dedicated kindergarten student. Each day, Johnny works diligently to build upon his reading, writing, and math skills. Johnny completes all tasks with care and truly cares about the quality of his work. Johnny has a strong willingness to persevere throughout difficult tasks and knows how to obtain the resources to help him be successful. That’s big for a kindergarten student! I asked Johnny about his favorite things at Willard and he shared that he loves to play with his friends, read with his teacher, and loves PE because it’s a good time to jump! Within the classroom, Johnny is a good friend to his peers. He uses kind words and compliments his friends often. He is always willing to lend a classmate a hand, as he wants them to be successful with difficult tasks as well. We are very proud of Johnny and all that he has accomplished.


Emma Toce

Emma is a loving and caring third grade student. Within the classroom, she is kind to her peers and always willing to help a friend in need. She is a role model to her classmates as she is always kind to others and has a strong work ethic regarding her academics. Emma has made significant growth this year. She shows great persistence in every job she completes and always puts forth her best effort. She's mastered her addition facts, improved her mathematical discourse, and increased her reading rate, stamina, and fluency! I asked Emma about her favorite things at Willard and she shared she loves math because it makes you smarter and loves PE because she gets to exercise. Emma is also a peer model at Willard and works closely with our BLAST program to support her peers during gym class. We are so proud of all her accomplishments.

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Willard Quick Facts

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