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Posted Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014 
Open House on 9.2.2014 is for parents and guardians of all students.
Posted Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014 
Informal school visit for students and families new to McGee on Monday, August 25, 4-6 PM, to walk around the school and locate classrooms, cafeteria, computer labs, gyms, library... Grade 6 students and their families are also invited to the Open House for everyone on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, from 5:30-7:30 PM to meet teachers and staff and learn about McGee curriculum and services.

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McGee Quick Facts

  • Established: 1969
  • Grades: 6-8
  • Students: 709
  • Colors: Green & Gold
  • Mascot: Spartan
  • Motto: Nunc tempus noscere
    (Now is the time to learn.)

The Week at McGee

Open House
Open House for all students and their families at all grade levels.  Learn about the curriculum, meet teachers and staff, visit classrooms and other school resources on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, from 5:30-7:30 PM.August 28, 2014
Today is Day 2

Morning Announcements
September 2, 2014
Today is Day 4

The rotation for today is:

Today’s lunch:
Meat, Cheeeeze, Rice, Corn
Lettuce and Salsa
Choice of Fruit

Cicero launches the first of his Philippics, or attack speeches on Marc Anthony in 44BC
The Great Fire of London broke out on this date in 1666 and raged for 3 days
US Department of the Treasury is founded in 1789
Vice President Theodore Roosevelt states “Speak softly and carry a big stick” in a speech on this date in 1901
The Instrument of Surrender of Japan is signed on the deck of the battleship USS Missouri
The interim government of India is founded on this date in 1946 with Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime Minister

William Sommerville, poet   (1675)
 Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii   (1838)
Albert Spaulding, sporting goods   (1850)
Hugo Montenegro, composer   (1925)
Peter Uberroth, sports administrator   (1937)
Terry Bradshaw, football player   (1948)
Mark Harmon, actor   (1951)
Jimmy Connors, tennis player   (1952)
Keanu Reeves, actor   (1964)

For all girls trying-out for McGee's soccer team:
A meeting with the coaches will be held Tuesday, Sept. 2nd at 1:40 in the gym.  Please go to your Period H class first, sign-out with your teacher, then go to the gym.  

Any boys interested in trying out for the McGee Boys Soccer Team should attend a meeting during Period H on Wednesday, September 3rd at 1:40pm in the Gym after signing out with their Period H teacher.
Tryouts will be held after school on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 4th and 5th.  Please see Mr. Beaupre or Mr. Centurelli with any questions.

Any student who has signed up for the cross country team or is considering joining, should attend a meeting after school on Tuesday, September 2 in the cafeteria. You can take the late bus home.

Any seventh or eighth grade student interested in demonstrating our Wellness Heart Rate Monitors tonight at open house should speak with Mr. Plona today in class or during Period H in the gym.

Attention new and returning members:
Interested in spending time with a member of the BHS color guard to learn some flag moves?  
If so, please attend an informational meeting this Thursday in the band room during period H.  If you have testing or can't make it, see
Mrs. McManus-Engel in the main office before Thursday's meeting.  Space is limited.

Sound Express will have its first rehearsal on Thursday, Sept. 4th from 2:30-3:00 in the choral room.  You may take the late bus home.  Bring a song to sing for your audition!


2 September 2014  K. Cormack

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