For every new school year, students entering grades 1-12 who are eligible for bus transportation are automatically assigned transportation to and from the stop locations that are closest to their primary home address. Kindergarten students are assigned transportation to and from the stop locations that are closest to their primary home address based on the information listed on their registration forms. Alternate transportation requests must be received by July 1st in order to be implemented for the start of the new school year. Transportation assignments will be e-mailed prior to the start of school for students in grades K-12. Please make sure that you have provided your email address in PowerSchool or you will not receive the email notifications. Please review the Transportation Safety and Conduct Rules with your child(ren) prior to using transportation. Families of students who receive transportation through Pupil Personnel Services will be contacted by Pupil Personnel Services regarding transportation.

Transportation Rules and Regulations

Prior to using transportation, please review all transportation rules and regulations. The Transportation Safety and Conduct Rules should be reviewed with students throughout the school year.

Transportation Safety and Conduct Rules
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Transportation Policy
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Transportation Change Requests

If your child will need transportation to an alternate location, such as a child care provider or if you will be providing transportation for your child, please complete the Transportation Change Form. If the change is due to a change of address, you will need to submit a Change of Address form, which is on Powerschool under Forms. 

In order for requests to be granted for the beginning of the new school year, please submit forms by July 1st. Requests submitted at a later date may face delays in processing up until two weeks after the start of the new school year. Requests made during the school year may take up to two weeks to process. Please note, requests for alternate transportation must be submitted annually.

Requests for alternate stops for child care will only be granted if they fall within the daily bus routes of the student's school district. Requests must be permanent in nature. Please keep in mind that A.M. stops must be from one location only and P.M. stops must be to one location only. Split stops will not be considered (for example, three days to child care and two days to home). For students who have shared homes (with both parents), please contact Kim Pethigal [email protected] in order to set up transportation for your child(ren). 

Transportation Change Form

Please see the Transportation Concerns and Complaints section if you would like to request a change due to a safety issue.

Late Bus

Late buses will be provided Monday through Thursday for Berlin High School students who are remaining after school. For McGee Middle School, transportation will be provided on the second and fourth Monday of the month and every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for students who are remaining after school. Late buses will leave Berlin High School promptly at 2:55 p.m. and McGee Middle School at 3:10 p.m. Students are to obtain bus passes from the teacher with whom the student is staying after school. Students who miss the late bus will be responsible for securing their own transportation.

PLEASE NOTE: Late buses do not follow the normal bus routes. A limited number of centralized stops are made throughout the district.

Tips for using the Late Buses

  • Students should check the Late Bus maps located at their school or below to determine which late bus to use. If unsure of which bus to use, students should ask the office personnel at their school for assistance. Students should not get on a bus without first determining the correct bus.
  • Each student must have a Late Bus Pass with address information and name filled out completely.
  • Late bus passes should be given to the driver when entering the bus.
  • If you are on the WRONG LATE BUS, tell your driver and stay on the bus until you get to the next school. Your bus driver will call for a van to take you home.
  • Do not get off the bus if you are nowhere near your home. Stay on the bus until it gets to the next school and your bus driver will call a van to take you home.
  • Pay attention to where the bus is traveling and tell the driver when you get close to the area where you can be dropped off.

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Inclement Weather - Public Schools

Please refer to the School Closings section of our website for information regarding inclement weather. Please do not contact New Britain Transportation with questions regarding delayed openings/closings and cancellations.

Special Education Transportation

Questions or concerns regarding your child's special education transportation should be directed to Pupil Personnel Services at 860-828-6581.

Non-Public School Transportation

For questions or concerns regarding magnet school or out-of-district private school transportation, please contact your child's school for more information. We do not handle transportation for these schools.

Students attending out-of-town technical/vo-ag schools and St. Paul School in Kensington are required to be registered with Berlin Public Schools in order to receive transportation. Please visit our Registration & Residency page for more information.

On days when Berlin schools are cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergencies, no transportation will be provided to other schools that normally receive transportation through Berlin Public Schools (e.g., technical schools, St. Paul School, etc.). If Berlin Public Schools are delayed or have an early dismissal due to inclement weather or other emergencies, transportation will also be delayed or have an early dismissal. For example, if Berlin Schools are on a 90 minute delay, St. Paul's pick up times will be delayed by 90 minutes. Otherwise, transportation will be provided on those days when Berlin Schools are scheduled to not be in session but the non-public schools are in session.

Non-Public School Transportation/Registration Form

Open Choice Transportation

For questions or concerns regarding Open Choice transportation, please contact RSCO Transportation at 860-524-4010.

Transportation Concerns and Complaints

Student Behavior - Complaints regarding inappropriate student behavior while riding the bus/van should be reported to the school principal.

Stop Location and/or Driver - For concerns regarding a driver and/or stop location, please complete a Transportation Concern Form and return it to Business Operations at the Berlin Board of Education office for review. You will receive a written response or telephone call regarding your request within 30 days. Please be patient while we investigate each of the requests that we receive. Additional forms or phone calls will only delay the process.

If you feel that your stop location is in violation of the Berlin Board of Education Transportation Policy, you must cite which area of the policy is being violated by the stop location. The Berlin Board of Education Transportation Policy can be found on this page under Transportation Rules and Regulations

Transportation Concern Form

Bus Routes (Please Note that Routes are Subject to Change)

Berlin Public Schools 2023-2024 Bus Routes and Stop Locations

Please note the following:

  • Route, stops, and times are current as of 8/18/2023 and are subject to change
  • Students must be waiting at their listed bus stops at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled stop times. Please keep in mind, due to the new sanitizing procedures bus schedules may be delayed.
  • Buses will be loaded from the back to the front.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring the safety of their child up until the point that their child boards the bus.
  • Kindergarten parents/ guardians must receive their child at assigned bus stops after school.


BHS 23-24 Bus Routes
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BHS Bus Routes
McGee 23-24 Bus Routes
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McGee Bus Routes
Griswold 23-24 Bus Routes
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Griswold Bus Routes
Hubbard 23-24 Bus Routes
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Hubbard Bus Routes
Willard 23-24 Bus Routes
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Willard Bus Routes


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Tech Transportation

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