Vision of the Graduate

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Berlin Vision of the Graduate

As a preK-12 learning community, our goal is for every graduate to develop important transferable skills that will help them to be successful now and in the future. Through coursework and other learning experiences, we will ensure that every student can:


COMMUNICATE effectively.

  • Deliver ideas in a clear, precise, and thoughtful manner in spoken and written language.
  • Listen actively and improve conversations by asking and responding to questions to advance understanding.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of audience by purposefully adjusting language and tone.
  • Recognize impact of positive and negative non-verbal messages in self and others.

COLLABORATE to accomplish a shared goal.

  • Encourage one another’s efforts, accept and offer honest feedback, and work to create a productive environment.
  • Contribute ideas and listen to others’ perspectives, including contradictions and divergent ideas, to consider ways to accomplish a shared goal.
  • Take ownership of the successes and failures of the group by living up to individual responsibilities.

LEARN continuously.

  • Actively engage in and take ownership of learning.
  • Pursue learning in areas of personal interest.
  • Accomplish tasks through self-advocacy and resilience, responding constructively and flexibly to setbacks and mistakes.
  • Set goals to advance learning based on reflection and feedback.

THINK critically.

  • Synthesize information from multiple sources to acquire knowledge, frame questions, and broaden perspectives.
  • Evaluate sources for validity, relevance, reasoning, and assumptions.
  • Analyze and weigh evidence to reach conclusions and thoughtful judgments.

INNOVATE to design solutions to problems.

  • Investigate questions and problems by developing an informed, flexible plan of action.
  • Develop, test, and refine ideas by experimenting with techniques and tools to reach a desired outcome.
  • View feedback and failure as opportunities to learn, persevere, and develop new approaches.
  • Share ideas and findings through prototypes, performances, or media.

CONTRIBUTE to local and global communities.

  • Act with empathy, compassion, and respect, knowing that one’s words and deeds affect others.
  • Engage in informed discussions about local and/or global issues and concerns, and advocate for positive change.