Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Office. The primary responsibility of the Curriculum and Instruction Office is to ensure that all programs, instruction, and assessments are aligned to Board of Education goals as well as state and federal standards. To accomplish this, we provide a curriculum that focuses on the critical skills and content necessary for our students to be successful in their future endeavors. 

We are pleased to be able to allow public access to our comprehensive K-12 curriculum through the link labeled ATLAS Public Access to the right of this column. The link will allow you to view curriculum documents which are used by all teachers throughout the district. As a district, we embrace a model of continuous improvement process in which an ongoing cycle of revision and refinement helps us to develop curriculum to address important learning standards. To review the curriculum maps, click on the Browse button at the top left of the page, next to the district logo. You will then use the menu and filtering tools to navigate to the grade level content or course you wish to review. 

Our intention in providing this information is to allow parents and families to better understand the skills and content that are being taught in courses across the district. Please note that we believe in the importance of providing a common, standards-based curriculum for all students. We do not subscribe to a rigid, prescribed instructional model in which all teachers teach the same lesson using the same materials on the same day. Instead, we promote a common curriculum for all students in which skilled educators design lessons and deliver instruction to meet the needs of their students. For these reasons, you may notice that teachers sometimes deviate from the timelines noted in the curriculum map. Across the year, they will ultimately ensure that students receive opportunities to learn the identified skills and content.

We hope you find our curriculum site to be a useful  tool. Should you have questions, comments or feedback, please contact our Directors of Curriculum, Kara Watson [email protected] or Laurie Gjerpen [email protected]. Or contact them at the Board of Education (860)828-6581.

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