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Morning news, Tuesday, June 13
Posted 06/13/2017 11:19AM

Daily Announcements

June 13, 2017


Today is Day 3


The rotation for today is:







Todays lunch is:

Pizza Pizza

Plain or Pepperoni

Garden Salad

Choice of Fruit


•   Rhode Island bans in 1774 the importation of slaves

•   The Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de LaFayette, lands in Charleston, South Carolina in 1777

•   The Louis & Clark Expedition sights the Great Falls on the Missouri River in 1805

•   The Yukon Territory is formed in 1989 with Dawson as its capital

•   Charles Lindbergh receives a ticker-tape parade in New York in 1927 for his solo trans-Atlantic flight

•   The US Supreme Court rules in 1966 in Miranda vs. Arizona  that police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them

•   President Lyndon Johnson nominates Thurgood Marshall for Supreme Court in 1967

•   King Fahad assumes the throne of Saudi Arabia in 1982

•   Pioneer 10  becomes in 1983 the first man-made
object to leave the solar system


•   Winfield Scott, US General    (1786)

•   William Butler Yeats, author   (1865)

•   Sir Basil Rathbone, actor   (1892)

•   Luis Alvarez, physicist   (1911)

•   Paul Lynde, comedian   (1926)

•   Christo, artist    (1935)

•   Tim Allen, comedian   (1953)

•   Mary Kate Olsen, fashion designer   (1986)

•   Ashely Olsen, fashion designer   (1986)




Tuesday March Madness Playoffs

Greek Freaks vs. SVN

G.O.A.T.'s vs. Jack Rabbits




Promotion Choir will rehearse today during directed study.


The last meeting of the Photography Club was last week.  Students who are interested in photographing this week’s May Madness games should speak to Mr. Cormack.


Students interested in photographing the May Madness Championship games on Thursday should speak with Mr. Cormack no later than Wednesday.




Please clean out all band lockers and check in with Mrs. Bradshaw.




The following McGee Baseball players must see Mr. Centurelli sometime today:

James Ellis
Patrick Lukens
Ben Gomes
Justin Piskorski
Alex Canzellarini
Joe Caracoglia


This week’s directed study rehearsals:

MONDAY:  brass group
TUESDAY: pep band



THURSDAY MORNING: June 15th: PEP BAND will be playing for all 3 basketball games.  Report to band room at 7:30am.

FRIDAY MORNING: June 16th: Pep Band & Brass group is playing for promotion FRIDAY, 8:15am meet out front.

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McGee Quick Facts

  • Established: 1969
  • Grades: 6-8
  • Students: 709
  • Colors: Green & Gold
  • Mascot: Spartan
It is the policy of the Board of Education that any form of discrimination or  harassment on the basis of protected characteristics such as race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability (including pregnancy), or gender identity or expression is forbidden, whether by students, Board employees or third parties subject to the control of the Board.  To view the Board’s Non-Discrimination policy please visit the BOE Policies page to access policy 5145.4-R Non-Discrimination (Students) Regulations.
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