Guiding Principles


  1. Deliberate in many voices, but govern in one.
  2. Cultivate a sense of group responsibility; understanding that it is the Board, not the staff or administration, which is responsible for excellence in governance.
  3. Be an active part of the school district's leadership team, striving to lead the district through a clean mission statement, an articulated vision for the district, shared and commonly understood goals, broad and clearly written policies, and a continual monitoring of school and student performance.
  4. Be willing to hold itself to high standards of excellence in governance and professional responsibility, including a willingness to hold individual Board members and the Board itself accountable for its actions.
  5. Continually monitor its own process, performance and progress.
  6. Vigorously and intelligently advocate for the school district and its students on local, state and national level.
  7. Commit, both individually and collectively, to being well-informed and educated on local, state and national educational issues, initiative and practices.
  8. Regularly communicate with all stakeholders about school district performance, direction, initiatives, issues and ideas.
  9. Formally and informally recognize and celebrate school, staff and student success.
  10. Insist on the pursuit of excellence on the part of all with a role in the school district - staff, students and board members.
  11. Always strive to act in the interest of what is best for all students, believing that all students can learn and succeed at a high level.
  12. Serve as a model of positive professional and ethical conduct.