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Sol LeWitt Mural Re-Created on Temporary Wall at BHS
Posted 12/17/2015 12:41PM

Anyone who has ever endured construction at his/her home knows that the anticipation for the final result and exhaustion from the grind of construction can pay its toll on the people living through it.  The Color My World Project is a mural on the 148’ long, 8’7” high temporary wall of the main corridor entering the building on the lower level of Berlin High School.  The length of the wall inspired Mrs. Miller, one of BHS’s Art Teachers, to take advantage of a teachable moment while thinking of “Wall Drawing 999” by the Hartford, Connecticut born American artist, Sol LeWitt, who recently passed away in 2007.  The goal was to elevate the spirit with beautiful/creative artwork to look at and talk about.

Our wall was primed with a color called “Daydream” on Saturday morning, 10-31-2015, in Banksy style for the “ta-da” effect that students and staff experienced on the following Monday morning.

(Who is Banksy?

The AP Studio Art students had the pleasure of sketching out the line work during the day, while various art students from Mrs. Miller’s classes volunteered to paint in the lines with “Magic Magenta“ paint over the course of three Saturdays.  (The paint came from our local Painter’s Edge Paint Shop on Farmington Avenue.) The instructions given to the students included that all lines needed to be organic, continuous, altered in thickness with minimal cross overs.  This type of conceptual art is not unlike how LeWitt himself worked.  As a matter of fact, LeWitt’s conceptual style was often compared to that of an architect’s.

See a Time lapse video of students working on the project by clicking on the link below.

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