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Habits of Mind Focus: Managing Impulsivity
Posted 01/02/2018 10:24PM


As an International Habits of Mind Learning Community, Griswold School has committed to recognizing the importance of supporting students' Habits of Mind in parallel to teaching grade-level standards and curriculum.  The Habits of Mind are based on decades of brain and intelligence research.  According to researchers and philosophers, knowledge and intelligence must be accompanied by these habits for people to be successful in all aspects of life.  What good are knowledge and intelligence if people don't know how to use them, especially when facing adversity, problems, and new situations?  See the link below for more details about all of the Habits of Mind.

Habits of Mind Summary

While all of the Habits of Mind are interconnected, Griswold School is focusing on three specific areas this school year.  Managing ImpulsivityOur School Families and SOARS Assemblies, as well as various classroom lessons, will focus on these habits.  Our second focus area this school year is MANAGING IMPULSIVITY.  In short, MANAGING IMPULSIVITY is when students stop and think before making a plan of action.  The goal is to make deliberate and thoughtful choices in all aspects of life, including completing a task, communicating with peers, or reacting to challenging situations. 

To learn more about MANAGING IMPULSIVITY and all of the Habits of Mind, please visit our professional development partner at The Institute for Habits of Mind.

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