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Morning News, Monday, March 5
Posted 03/05/2018 07:37AM

Daily Announcements

March 5, 2018

Today is Day 5

The rotation for today is:



Today’s lunch is:

General Tso Chicken

Ramen Noodles, Carrots, Fortune Cookie

Choice of Fruit


  • In 1496, King Henry VII of England authorizes John Cabot to explore new lands.

  • On this date in 1770, British troops fire into a crowd in what will be known (thanks to the efforts of Paul Revere) as the Boston Massacre.

  • Samuel Colt produces his first revolver in 1836

  • George Westinghouse patents the air brake in 1872

  • In 1933, to slow the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt orders a “bank holiday”, closing banks and freezing transactions

  • Sir Winston Churchill first uses the phrase “Iron Curtain” in a speech in 1946

  • The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty goes into effect in 1970

  • The Homebrew Computer Club first meets in 1975.  Members include many now-famous computer pioneers including Steve Jobs.


  • Bryce Hrubiec

  • Paige Kemish

  • Umayma Khan


  • LTG Edward Cornwallis, founder of Nova Scotia   (1713)

  • Frederick Cornwallis, Archbishop of Canterbury   (1713)

  • Pier Paulo Pasolini, film director   (1922)

  • James B. Sikking, actor   (1934)

  • Dean Stockwell, actor   (1936)

  • Jack Stamp, composer  [Faeries’ Air and Death March]  (1954)

  • Pen Jillette, magician & comedian   (1955)

  • Jake Lloyd, actor   (1989)


  • St. Piran’s Day    (Cornwall)

  • Learn from Lei Feng Day   (China)


There will be an informational meeting for any boy interested in trying out for the McGee baseball team.  The meeting will be held in the gymnasium on Tuesday, March 6th.  The meeting will take place at the beginning of directed study.  Please speak with Mr. Plona or Mr. Centurelli if you have any questions.


Photography Club will NOT meet tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6.


If you are missing your lunch bag and can’t find it, please check the Nurse’s Lost and Found.  Additional lunch bags may be found in the main office.

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