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Morning News, Thursday, June 7
Posted 06/07/2018 07:41AM

Daily Announcements

June 7, 2018

Today is Day 3

The rotation for today is:



Today’s lunch is:

Chicken Nuggets



Choice of Fruit


  • The First Crusade arrives in Jerusalem in 1099

  • The Petition of Right, the first English attempt at a Bill of Rights, becomes law in 1628

  • Richard Henry Lee proposes in 1776 that the 13 colonies are and ought to be free and independent of the British Empire

  • US President Benjamin Harrison becomes in 1892 the first President to attend a baseball game

  • Homer Plessy refuses in 1892 to give up his seat on a “Whites Only” train car.  The resulting Supreme Court case decides that “separate but equal” is constitutional.  This holds until 1954.

  • Carrie Nation begins in 1899 her crusade for temperance

  • The RMS Lusitania  is launched in 1906

  • The Lateran Treaty  is signed in 1929 formalizing the independence of Vatican City

  • Graceland opens to the public in 1982


  • Gavin Carubba

  • Sajed Allababidi


  • Paul Gaugin, painter   (1848)

  • Elizabeth Bowen, novelist   (1899)

  • Jessica Tandy, actress    (1909)

  • Dean Martin, singer & actor   (1917)

  • Sir Tom Jones, singer   (1940)

  • Liam Neeson, actor & voice actor   (1952)

  • Bear Grylls, adventurer   (1974)

  • Bill Hader, comedian   (1978)


After school today (wed) and Thursday:

Anyone interested in playing the buckets for junkyard jam.


The end of season track party will be held after school today in the cafeteria from 2:30-3:30.  Students are to go to their lockers and bring all their stuff for dismissal to the cafe.


Overdue book notices have gone out to homerooms.  8th grade students must return all library books by Friday, June 8th. 6th and 7th grade students must return overdue books by Friday, June 8th, or renew their materials by bringing them into the LMC. 6th and 7th grade students may only check out books for the summer if they have no overdue materials. 

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